Green Bay, Wisconsin

The Shipyard

Abandoned for several decades, The Shipyard — a plot of land along the Fox River in Green Bay, Wisconsin — will become a major recreational amenity that positions the city’s downtown as a creative and entrepreneurial hub.

As part of an extension to the revived Broadway District, The Shipyard will feature a riverfront park, an athletic field that doubles as an outdoor concert facility, an urban waterfront edge with transient docking, a plaza with small restaurants and retailers and an urban beach. Equally important, The Shipyard will facilitate surrounding mixed-use development, including housing, hotels and offices.

Client: City of Green Bay

Studio: Live

Market: Civic

Size: 10 Acres

Scope: Study

Services: Master Planning, Urban Design

"It maximizes access to the riverfront and it is not tied to other commercial developments. We have the opportunity to show this is a quality of life amenity that has the potential to pay for itself. This is a great plan. It will prop up the neighborhood in a way it desperately needs."

Brian Johnson

Green Bay Alderman