Kicking Off the 2022 Summer Student Cohort

Kicking Off the 2022 Summer Student Cohort

We are excited to welcome our 2022 summer student cohort to Cuningham!

Over the next 10 weeks, 16 students from around the country will be joining the firm to gain firsthand, professional design experience. Students will be located in each of the firm’s six offices and will receive one-on-one mentorship from members of the Cuningham team in addition to guidance from leadership within their project teams.

“Nurturing tomorrow's designers is incredibly important to us,” Director of Strategy Jeff Mandyck says. “The core goal of our cohort program is to truly embed students in the design process; seeking enduring experiences that create change.”

Throughout the summer, students will work with the firm’s project teams on everything from developing technical skills, to exploring the beauty of regenerative design in delivering results to our clients. Students will also work with their mentors to develop personalized goals to achieve throughout the program. 

“We want students to be able to think critically and take ownership of creating their success,” Board Chair Meg Parsons says. “That is why individual mentorships and exposure to the design industry are central to the intern student experience at Cuningham. We want students to leave not only with an understanding of the day-to-day work of a designer, but with an understanding of their path to licensure or certification and a holistic understanding of the business of design.”

At the conclusion of the summer, students will collectively present their experience with the firm, including what they learned and recommendations for improving for the following year’s cohort.

Meet the cohort below and hear a little about what they are most looking forward to this summer!


Amari Zhang
Kristen Ayap
Cher Pombuena
Sydney Ly
Jordan Howard
Tyron Alford
Ryan Self
Keely Perkins
Tristan Trejo
Rebecca Rivera
Emma Grabowski
Chris Leberecht
John jansen
Halle Weinmann
Miles Michlitsch