Uplifting the
Human Experience

Through storytelling, active listening, creativity, collaboration, innovation, and enduring design, Cuningham strives to uplift the human experience by creating resilient environments for communities to Grow, Heal, Live, Play, Work – and thrive.  


Creating inclusive, balanced designs is both our passion and responsibility. Active listening and a holistic approach to successful collaboration are the heart of our process. 

Interior Design

From flexible learning environments to sophisticated hospitality spaces, we curate interior design seamlessly by blending user well-being with elegant functionality. 

Urban Design

Generating enthusiastic public support and steadfast investor confidence by immersing themselves in a community’s culture and traditions.  

Landscape Architecture

Great buildings are fully integrated with their sites. The outdoor spaces we design promote vibrant, healthy communities. 

Master Planning

While paying attention to the small details, we also see the big picture. By balancing the two, we create thoughtful master plans that skillfully guide our clients’ visions. 

Sartell High School Exterior
Emerald Queen Casino
Greater Lowertown Master Plan
Eloisebutler 7751 hdr
Sharp HealthCare Metropolitan Master Plan