Los Angeles, California

Vinz Apartments

Vinz offers easy access to surrounding amenities and an active community for young professionals. The mixed-use project contains townhomes, apartments, retail and a community center.

The project encourages community gathering and socialization. An outdoor area in the center of the development is an activity hub and includes a pool and lounge area, while habitable roofs throughout the building create outdoor meeting areas and spaces for urban agriculture.

Vinz serves as a model of sustainability with on-site renewable energy harvested from photovoltaics, green roofs, a high-performance building skin that blocks sunlight and mitigates solar heat gain, low-flow plumbing and greywater reuse and efficient energy systems.

Client: Alliance Development Services Group

Market: Residential

Size: 156,300 Square Feet

Scope: New Construction

Services: Architecture

Delivery Method: Multiple Prime Contract

Key Project Contacts:

“Situated at the crossroads of two distinct neighborhoods in Mid-City Los Angeles—Fairfax, a busy commercial thoroughfare, and Orange Grove, a quiet residential street—the five-story VINZ on Fairfax mixed-use development appears as two separate buildings, each matching the scale and vibe of its adjacent neighborhood. Shimmering silver screens highlight a more vibrant, emotional aesthetic along Fairfax Avenue, while a muted design styling makes up the Orange Grove exterior.”

Building Design + Construction