Minneapolis, Minnesota

Dunwoody College of Technology Comprehensive Facilities Plan

Dunwoody College of Technology's Comprehensive Facilities Plan (CFP) is a strategic response to key challenges and opportunities facing the campus. Aiming to create short-term, mid-term, and long-term capital investment scenarios, the college partnered with Cuningham to develop the plan, leveraging the firm’s expertise on a wide range of factors, including enrollment growth, space utilization, student experience, brand identity, wayfinding, regenerative design strategies, renewable systems, and construction costs. 

Driven by Dunwoody’s hands-on learning model which emphasizes teamwork, collaboration, and problem-solving, the CFP creates a cohesive campus identity and supports vibrant student life by integrating regional context, engaging the senses, and promoting resilience and adaptability. Additionally, the plan outlines industry partnerships and enhances connections to nearby areas, creating a safe and connected campus.

Client: Dunwoody College of Technology

Market: Education

Services: Master Planning

Key Project Contacts:

Notable improvements include upgrading the west entry, revitalizing the Pinska Center to be a welcoming space for students and visitors, and expanding outdoor gathering areas to promote community, creativity, and engagement. These proposed renovations include window rehabilitation on the Main Building, exterior signage and identity, and campus-wide wayfinding and brand experience. The east entrance enhancements offer new entry paths, seating areas, lighting amenities, and landscape improvements — creating inviting spaces for students and fostering a vibrant campus culture.

The “Dunwoody Collector” site development framework plan (pictured below) emerged from a selection process that prioritized strengthening campus organization, culture, and functionality. It integrates innovative approaches to drainage and stormwater management with vibrant learning spaces and connectivity. The plan also increases daylighting and functionality, restores the main building’s west facade windows, and introduces a new events center for enhanced campus activities.

Ultimately, Dunwoody’s CFP positions the college to effectively adapt to evolving needs while enhancing the overall campus experience, remaining a dynamic, forward-looking institution.