Lakewood, Colorado

The Brickhouse Apartments at Lamar Station

Located steps from the Lamar Station W line stop in the Two Creeks neighborhood of Lakewood, Colorado, The Brickhouse Apartments at Lamar Station boldly contributes to the city’s transit corridor. The five-story, 296-unit apartment building both enhances and reinforces its neighborhood’s identity through the thoughtful selection of exterior materials and detailing. Simple forms and a monochromatic range of primary materials gives the building a perfectly balanced feeling. Local materials from Summit Brick Company, an institution that has been essential to the neighborhood since the early 1900s, are featured prominently within the building’s two interior courtyards. The courtyards also boast several carved out spaces with fire pits, shade structures, and seating that blends into the building’s other architectural elements.

Client: Riverpoint Apartment

Market: Residential

Size: 287,000 Square Feet

Scope: New Construction

Services: Architecture, Interior Design

Delivery Method: Construction Manager at Risk