Paul Hutton Discusses Barriers to Achieving Net-Zero Carbon

Paul Hutton Discusses Barriers to Achieving Net-Zero Carbon

What barriers to routinely designing and delivering zero-carbon buildings do project teams and clients face?

This was the question that Cuningham Director of Regenerative Design Paul Hutton helped answer at the Better Buildings’ latest webinar, put on by the US Department of Energy.

Titled “Designed to Deliver: Lessons Learned from Architects, Engineers, and Contractors in Zero-Carbon Buildings,” Paul was joined by Kiersten Washle from CMTA and Patty Lloyd from Leopardo Companies to discuss barriers are keeping the industry from creating more Zero-Carbon Buildings.

The presentation, video recording, transcript, and additional resources document are all available to watch on the Better Building’s website here. Check it out!

“It's not just the engineers. It takes an entire team starting with the architect, including the engineers, and very importantly also including your contractor to get to net zero. I've seen many projects that have fantastic engineering teams that haven't gotten to net zero, partly because the architect on that team wasn't up to it.”

Paul Hutton

“Designed to Deliver" Webinar