Saint Paul, Minnesota


Featuring work by renowned local artist Ta-coumba Aiken, the exterior remodel of Walker|West merges the line between art and architecture. The architectural intervention of this community-based music academy frames and highlights Aiken’s custom artwork with a simple palette of perforated metal, paint sheens and marquee-type lighting. The end result is a bold new look that puts Walker|West’s brand on display. However, the outward renewal of Walker|West is much more than a cosmetic facelift. Walker|West’s exterior enhancement communicates a powerful message to its users: not only can they take pride in their talents and aspirations, they can take pride in their neighborhood as well.

Client: Walker|West Music Academy

Studio: Grow

Market: Institutional | Non-Profit

Size: 500 Square Feet

Scope: Renovation

Services: Architecture

Delivery Method: Negotiated Contract

Key Project Contacts:

"I'll never forget the day I saw the instillation the first time. From what had been the facade to what now is -- is more than an improvement. It is living, modern, musical and important."

Teqen Zea-Aida