Fond du Lac, Wisconsin

Fond du Lac Downtown District Placemaking

The City of Fond Du Lac is an older community with a well-established downtown area. However, in recent years they have seen a decline in use of public space and community engagement. The Downtown Placemaking Project was way to reverse these trends.

By analyzing the use and functionality of three public downtown spaces, Cuningham provided design, management and programming recommendations for the city. In addition, a series of rapid build workshops resulted in small, inexpensive projects that helped create much-needed activity and awareness in these three public spaces.

Client: City of Fond du Lac

Studio: Live


Size: Three Sites

Scope: Study

Services: Urban Design

Delivery Method: Negotiated Contract

Key Project Contacts:

“To bring adjustable, creative seating to downtown, as well as shine a light on Hamilton Park, Cuningham, city and community partners worked to host a day of fun that would create as many benches in a period of 24 to 36 hours.”

FDL Reporter