La Jolla, California

The Bishop’s School Master Plan

Designed by Irving Gill, the original buildings at The Bishop’s School have historic designation, meaning no major exterior renovations are permitted. As such, Cuningham helped the school create a master plan to address the next 10 to 20 years of growth. First, a facility condition assessment was done on the existing buildings to establish a baseline for moving forward. The assessment looked at the life of the mechanical and plumbing systems, reviewed the capacity of the current electrical power and examined sustainability issues including gas and water usage as compared to other similar buildings. The second stage of the master plan analyzed use of space on the campus, including classroom utilization, size of rooms, relationship of programs across campus, extra-curricular activity availability, and circulation.

Client: The Bishop’s School

Studio: Grow

Market: Master Plans, PK-12

Size: 195,300 Square Feet

Scope: Study

Services: Master Planning

Delivery Method: Construction Manager as Adviser

Key Project Contacts: