Adam Wilbrecht

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Adam Wilbrecht

Principal | Director of Design Technologies

As the firm’s Director of Design Technologies, Adam is a specialist in building and information technologies and is responsible for the overall strategy and management of digital and knowledge-based technologies throughout our offices. This technology integration includes information and knowledge management strategies, intranet development, design and business software applications, building information modeling, advanced modeling and visualization (including VR), performance simulation, business intelligence and data visualization, and enterprise-wide information technologies.

Adam is an active member of the American Institute of Architect’s Chief Information Officer Large Firm Roundtable, AEC-IT Leaders Group, and the University of Minnesota Consortium for Research Practices. He is also active in the local and national AEC Knowledge Management community.

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“A career in architecture insists on lifelong learning and engaging with experts across different professional, academic, and social fields. Design and related problem-solving demand asking questions, often with great reward in finding the answers.”