Cuningham Announces Promotion of 2021 Principals

Cuningham Announces Promotion of 2021 Principals

Cuningham is proud to announce the elevation of four individuals to Principal leadership positions: Mark Kalar, Amy Cheever, Juan Manuel Perez, and Greg Houck.

“These four team members represent the best of what Cuningham is,” says President and COO Christy Cavataio. “Their promotion to Principal leadership positions is a testament to their leadership and their proven commitment to Cuningham’s culture, values, and organizational success.”

Cuningham’s leadership promotions represent positive change and generational growth within the firm and are a recognition of the team members who will continue Cuningham’s legacy well into our future.

“These promotions also represent our firm’s promise to our clients,” says Cavataio. “Each of the four individuals promoted have a deep knowledge of their respective markets and are constantly finding new, creative ways to elevate their project teams and clients while bringing curiosity and fun to our day-to-day experience.”

Read more about each of these four leaders, their roles, and accomplishments below.

Congratulations to the Cuningham 2021 Class of Principals!

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Amy Cheever
Juan Perez
Greg Houck