Design your future.

Together, we create enduring experiences for a healthy world. This is our promise to each other, our clients, and the communities where we live and work. An internship with Cuningham is much more than a chance to experience the day-to-day nature of your chosen profession. We believe the more you know about the business side of design, the practice of performance, and the beauty of regenerative design, the better you’ll be at delivering outstanding results to our clients.

As an intern, you are provided with access to seasoned managers and mentors who bring you along every step of the way. Your learning does not stop at technical skills and training — although there’s plenty of this too. We want you to learn how to tell a story and why the design story matters — going beyond concept renderings and redlines to understand the feeling a space invokes and how our work interacts with its environment and community. 

Whether you join us for a semester or as a member of our summer cohort, an internship with Cuningham is filled with creativity, growth, and opportunity.


Application for the 2022 Summer Development Program are currently closed.