May 22: Afrofuturism in North Minneapolis: Designing a World Beyond the Status Quo

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May 22: Afrofuturism in North Minneapolis: Designing a World Beyond the Status Quo

Roger Cummings, Chief Cultural Producer, Juxtaposition Arts

The release of Marvel’s Black Panther brought Afrofuturism to the big screen, broadcasting a vision of futuristic technology. Black Panther redefined the classic Hollywood superhero movie and celebrated a dizzying array of African artistic traditions with people of African descent at the center. While Afrofuturism is generally an artistic or fictional movement, it “deals with black people being told they must adhere to divisions which don’t exist, and only accept a limited number of stories about themselves… Racism can give the impression that in the future, they simply do not exist.” (Steven W Thrasher)

Juxtaposition Arts has been designing this future outside of the dominant narrative for more than 20 years. JXTA Chief Cultural Producer Roger Cummings will discuss this cultural moment and the background that led to it, as well as the work he has been doing to give young north Minneapolis designers a voice and a vocation, as well as engaging community in imagining better futures through design.


If Roger Cummings had a mantra, it would likely be a variation on “learn by doing” — “learn by doing art.” One of the founders of Juxtaposition Arts and its artistic director, Roger embraces non-traditional approaches to education and artistic practice with very concrete outcomes in mind:  training young people to become working artists with the entrepreneurial and leadership skills necessary to make a living and make a difference in their community. (

May 22, 2018 – Tuesday
Cuningham Group Minneapolis
201 Main Street SE, Suite 325, Minneapolis, Minnesota 55414 
Questions? Contact Rebecca Nash ([email protected]) or 612-379-5508
7:30 am      Breakfast / Socializing
8:00 am      Speaker Begins
8:30 am      Discussion
9:00 am      Program Ends

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