February 21 - Driverless Revolution: Will Self-Driving Cars Reshape Our Cities?

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February 21 - Driverless Revolution: Will Self-Driving Cars Reshape Our Cities?

Frank Douma, Director of State and Local Policy Program, Humphrey School of Public Affairs and Kory Anderson, Graduate Student/Research Assistant, Urban and Regional Planning Program, Humphrey School of Public Affairs

What was little more than a scene in a science fiction movie 10 years ago, the reality of self-driving cars is approaching quickly. We know very little about them other than they will reshape cities in our lifetime.  But how?  Will we all own them?  Or will we share them? Will they be safer than human drivers? Or will they hurl us into a future of automation and artificial intelligence? Will the tongue-in-cheek adage, "form follows parking," be replaced with "form follows pick-up zone"?

Meet the Speakers

Frank Douma is director of the State and Local Policy Program and coordinator of the Masters of Urban and Regional Planning degree program at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, and a Research Scholar at the Center for Transportation Studies, both located at the University of Minnesota. He manages research projects related to several different areas of transportation policy, including impacts of developments in information and communications technologies (ICT), planning alternative transportation options in both large and small communities, and understanding the impacts of freight transportation.

Kory Anderson is a second year (graduating) Master's of Urban and Regional Planning graduate student at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs. He's specializing in land use development and urban design. Since starting graduate school, he has been collaborating with Frank Douma and Adeel Lari on studying self-driving vehicles, particularly in terms of equity and policy issues. He is also currently a data analyst/research fellow at the City of Minneapolis. Prior to graduate school, Kory attended Lewis & Clark College, in Portland, Oregon, where he studied History and Latin American Studies with a concentration in US/Mexico immigration issues.

February 21, 2017 - Tuesday
Cuningham Group’s Minneapolis Office
201 Main St. SE, Suite 325, Minneapolis, MN 55414

7:30 am    Catered Breakfast
8:00 am    Speaker Begins
8:30 am    Discussion
9:00 am    End Program

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