Alexandria Area High School Designed for Flexibility

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Alexandria Area High School Designed for Flexibility

Designed to accommodate educational change, the flexibility of Alexandria Area High School gives both teachers and students the ability to adapt for different styles of learning.  John Pfluger, Principal at Cuningham Group, stated that the goal was to break the mold of a traditional high school and give the students an environment similar to what they will experience in college or at the workplace.

The 230,000-square-foot structure doesn't have the traditional classrooms and hallways, but has open floor plans and movable walls. Students have the option to study or relax in the Community Commons, a three-story lunch room, on the Learning Stairs, giant wooden steps in the academic wings, or in a variety of smaller breakout rooms placed throughout the school.

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"This building will be here for the next 50 years as our high school. I don't know what education looks like 50 years from now. We need to be flexible with it."

- Principal Chad Duwenhoegger, Alexandria Area High School