Biking, Place, and People: What Does Biking Mean for Our Cities and Ourselves?

Urban Currents

Biking, Place, and People: What Does Biking Mean for Our Cities and Ourselves?

Kelley Yemen, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, Hennepin County and Matthew Dyrdahl, Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator, City of Minneapolis

In the Twin Cities, whether you get around on four wheels, two, or none, your life is impacted by biking. We share the road with people on bikes and you have probably noticed that there are more bike lanes and more bikes on the road in recent years.

Over the next several months, Urban Currents will feature speakers and topics that examine the numerous ways in which biking shapes our cities: How it influences the design of our streets, our personal choices about health and commuting, and our perceptions and attitudes towards safety, equity, and economic development. We kick off the series during Bike Week  (, a time of year when people in the Twin Cities are encouraged to try biking for health, commuting, and recreation.

This discussion will address bike policy and planning in the Twin Cities. Minneapolis and Saint Paul, as well as a number of other communities, have taken on recent initiatives to improve bike infrastructure, safety, and education. We have invited Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinators from various metro agencies to share past accomplishments, work that is in progress today, and future plans. If you ride a bike, or are interested in learning more about the growth in biking and bike infrastructure in the region, we hope you'll join us for this conversation - and come by bike if you can.