Journalist's Roundtable

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Journalist's Roundtable

David Brauer, Peter Callaghan, Bill Lindeke

Get three of the Twin Cities' top journalists in a room, give them a few topics to discuss, sit back and roll the tape. For the next several Urban Currents, we will gather three esteemed urban journalists and facilitate a wide-ranging roundtable discussion. We don't know where it will go, but we know it will be fun.

David Brauer, the old lion of our group, is a Minneapolis-based freelance journalist who most recently covered the media, politics and stadium development for He lives in the Kingfield neighborhood and has been known to walk to Northeast to get a drink.

Peter Callaghan, the recent import, is a political reporter for MinnPost covering both City Halls and a variety of urban issues. Peter is a native of the Pacific Northwest, where he was at various times a political reporter, statehouse reporter, editorial page columnist and local-front columnist. His reporting there touched on everything from state and local government, education policy, open government, historic preservation and gambling policy.

Bill Lindeke, the jack of many trades, is a journalist, sidewalk philosopher, Planning Commissioner and Urban Geographer.  He offers unique insights on the intersection of public space and public policy.